True Freedom

True Freedom


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It’s been a long time coming. On Tuesday, after more than a half year’s work, I’ll finally have the chance to share the PointsAway book with you. I’ve done my best to distill hundreds of hours of research into 25 easy-to-understand chapters, covering everything you need to know to travel like I do – for free.

Over the weekend, I researched two reader trips coming later in the week. One will show Johnathan how he and his girlfriend can travel from New York to Paris and Cannes, scratching two big items off their bucket list of places to see. The other shows Danny how he can spend his honeymoon with his bride in Bora Bora, traveling all the way from Louisville.

Both of these are dream trips they’ll never forget. What’s most incredible is that these remarkable trips are just a few in a line of stunning adventures we’ve shared together in the past year:

  • Points and miles helped Linda and Bill plan a trip to Namibia to help the charity they run for displaced children in Africa.
  • We’ve seen how Leslie can use her miles to travel to a town swarming with polar bears.
  • We’ve followed the lyrics of a song across the country.
  • We’ve discovered how Mark and his girlfriend could backpack across Europe for a grand total of $141.
  • We’ve even seen how Kevin could circle the globe, stopping in Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok and Tokyo, and somehow end up getting paid 2¢ for his trouble.
  • Once In A Lifetime Again & Again

    Your trip can be the next to join this list. Your ambitions can be grand – backpacking across a continent, spending a week in the Maldives, plotting a round the world journey – or more humble – a trip to see far-flung family for the first time in years, or a weekend getaway with your favorite person. Whatever the case may be, money doesn’t have to keep you from making it possible.

    As recently as a year ago, my mom thought that seeing Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower was a once-in-a-lifetime dream trip only possible in retirement. In November, she made it happen.

    At this moment – less than six months later – my parents are back in Europe, this time staying at Milan and Zurich‘s finest hotels and riding the rails through the heart of the continent.

    Later this year, they’ll be on their way to Alaska to fulfill another dream once left for the foggy realm of “once we retire.”

    On A Mission

    As for me: I have a lot of places left to go. My own passport has too many pages left empty and my list of places to see is long. Now, though, I know that cost alone will never keep me from going anywhere. In little more than a year, I’ve amassed a warchest brimming with so many points and miles in so many different programs that I could drive to the airport now and be anywhere else in the world tomorrow, First Class.

    The mere concept is so powerful – and so freeing – that there’s one place I’ve decided to spend most of my last six months. That’s behind my MacBook Pro, in Jacksonville, Florida, learning, learning, learning and writing.

    There are many great travel blogs out there, but I knew from my own experience how hard it could be to figure out where to begin, and how time-consuming it could be to dig up award charts and sift through rules time and again.

    I made it my mission to design a guide that would be completely accessible to a beginner but that would also serve as a valuable guide to those who have already begun learning the secrets of free travel. Already, I find myself referencing it when putting together reader trips!

    There’s still much to do to complete this mission – other versions of the book are on the way for readers without iPads and Macs, and free bonus chapters diving into even more programs will be on the way after that – but I feel so good about this moment right now.

    Welcome to Anywhere

    I feel like this book is my best work, not only because I’ve never had the opportunity to focus exclusively on one project for so long and with as much intensity, but because I truly believe that showing people they have the freedom to go anywhere and see anything – the truest form of freedom – is something that can change lives.

    Of course, it’s not free, though I wish it were. That’s why I tried to make it as affordable as possible for everyone. If you see the $14.99 price point as anything other than a bargain, consider this: if the only thing you learn from gleaning through its 337 illustrated, interactive pages is how to save on one checked bag fee one time, you’ll at least double your money.

    If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to check out the homepage I built especially for the book, and take a look at the first chapter for free. If you like it, know that the 24 chapters that follow blow it away, and include every last secret of free travel I know.

    So, where do we go from here? I’ll leave that to you, but one thing’s for sure: I’ll do my best to show you how to get there.

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