• Delta Air Lines Why the SkyMiles Changes Don’t Bother Me 1

    Why the SkyMiles Changes Don’t Bother Me

    Image courtesy: InSapphoWeTrust  Since late Tuesday evening, Flyertalk‘s been imploding, the blogosphere‘s been moaning and just about everyone’s been acting like Delta’s announced changes to SkyMiles herald the end of frequent flyer programs as we know it. Nah. Depending on how you play the miles and points game, these changes are either no good, awful, […]

  • Aeromexico “Someplace Warmer” – Portland to El Salvador 2

    “Someplace Warmer” – Portland to El Salvador

    Trip Information Reader Tiffany wants to head with her family from Portland to someplace warmer early next year. She’s looking for a trip to somewhere in Central or South America or the Caribbean. Having previously been to Costa Rica and Jamaica, they’d like to try someplace new and spend between 7-12 days total on the […]

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