Reader Trip Update: Another Success!

Reader Trip Update: Another Success!


Hope everyone’s been having a great holiday season! As you may be able to tell, we’ve been running at a reduced capacity to spend more time with family, but we’ll be back in force with new trips submitted by readers like you soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to make sure you all knew about our most recent reader success story! If you’ve been a PointsAway regular for a while now, you may remember a trip we helped plot out for reader Mark about a month ago that would take him and his girlfriend from Boston to Paris, Monaco, Venice and Santorini.

We just heard from Mark that he’s booked their major flights with United for the trip! In total, Mark and his girlfriend spent $460.60 for $7,918.40 in airfare.

Thanks to their Tumblr, you can follow along with their adventure as their travel dates near. Congrats to Mark and Serena, and best wishes for a great adventure!

  1. Mark

    Casey, thanks for the coverage! All of our friends are asking how we did it and we’re pointing them your way.

    I put the fees on the Arrival in case I want to get statement credit and eliminate it later, but we’re trying to put the rest of the point-to-point flights on it for now. Do you know whether or not Airbnb/renting apartments abroad count for travel with the Arrival?

    Thanks again for all your help, we really do appreciate it.


    • PointsAway

      Hi Mark,

      Yes! Airbnb does indeed code as a travel expense on Arrival, so you’d be able to use that card and apply credit toward your purchase if you’d like. Hope that helps!

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