Introducing PointsAway – More Rewards!

Introducing PointsAway – More Rewards!


Miles and points can bring your dream trip within reach, and there’s no easier way to earn them than through everyday spending. Juggling credit cards can be a hassle, though, as is keeping track of which cards give you the best rewards for any particular purchase.

Earn the Most Points, Every Time!

That’s where PointsAway – More Rewards comes in. Just tell the app what kinds of cards you carry. Don’t worry: we don’t need your card number or any personal billing information, just the card type! Then, the next time you’re out and about or shopping online, we’ll let you know what card is best for every purchase.

PointsAway – More Rewards works with a variety of cards earning airline miles, hotel points, reward program points and cash-back. The app supports most major US cards on the Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express networks.

How It Works

Using information about your location, the app will provide you with a list of nearby merchants when you’re out shopping or dining. PointsAway – More Rewards will let you know which of your cards you should use to maximize your earnings on every purchase, and why! That can mean thousands of extra points, putting you closer to your next dream trip even faster.

Start using PointsAway – More Rewards today and rev up your points-earning power! After all, your next great adventure is just…points away!

How to Download:

PointsAway – More Rewards is available now on iOS for iPhone:

PointsAway – More Rewards is also available now on Google Play for most Android devices:

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