Dispatches from London: A Jaguars Fan’s Perspective

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Our trip to London to see the Jaguars play the 49ers is now underway! I’ll have much more information to share on the details of our trip, including plenty of tidbits about our flights and hotels, later on. For now, though, I’m providing some daily perspective on the trip over at BigCatCountry, SBNation’s Jaguars website. I’ll update this post with links to each piece as they go live.

Setting the Trip with No Regrets: Why I think this game is unique and makes it worth crossing an ocean for whether the Jaguars were 0-7 or 7-0 at this point in the season.

Making the Trip Overseas: Some details on our journey across the Atlantic, how it compares to the expedited travel NFL players enjoy and a unique take on how the NFL could best serve the London market long-term without adversely affecting the game at large.

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