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  • PointsAway Q&A PointsAway Q&A: Wander The Map 2

    PointsAway Q&A: Wander The Map

    Wander The Map follows the adventures of Jenna and Micah. Jenna plans the trips and makes neat travel related goods available on Etsy and Micah is a photographer and videographer. Together, they share their stories of adventures near and far, always accompanied with some great photos or videos. We took a few minutes recently to […]

  • PointsAway Q&A: TravelJunkette

    TravelJunkette is the home of Susan Shain. She’s been working seasonal and adventure jobs and traveling the world since 2008. Her blog focuses on how people can work their way around the world by taking part in some really cool opportunities, such as teaching in schools, guiding tour groups and much more. We sat down […]

  • PointsAway Q&A PointsAway Q&A: Dovertime

    PointsAway Q&A: Dovertime

    Dovertime is a miles and points site published by Kyle Dover, University of Florida alum who works by day as a CPA in Oregon. Kyle’s burned hundreds of thousands of miles and points since he first began learning the secrets of free travel at an early age, and has seen parts of the world that […]

  • PointsAway Q&A PointsAway Q&A: Miles For Family 1

    PointsAway Q&A: Miles For Family

    Online since last July, Miles For Family follows the points and miles life of Leana, a stay-at-home mom who loves to travel. She doesn’t have a lot of money, so she had to find other ways to afford being able to explore the world. She created her blog to provide advice for her friends and […]

  • PointsAway Q&A PointsAway Q&A: The Girl & Globe

    PointsAway Q&A: The Girl & Globe

    The Girl & Globe is a travel journal written by Becky, a 27-year old Richmond, Virginia native who has spent the past several years hopping across the globe. Thus far, Becky has visited 44 US states, 20 countries and four continents. Her trip reports cover the places she’s been and what she’s discovered along the […]

  • PointsAway Q&A PointsAway Q&A: TravelWithGrant 3

    PointsAway Q&A: TravelWithGrant

    Online since last May, TravelWithGrant follows the points and miles life of Grant Thomas. Grant’s a points and miles buff who fills his site with valuable information about the financials of free travel and trip reports detailing his points and miles-powered adventures. He loves Segway tours, and has been on seven of them thus far. […]

  • PointsAway Q&A PointsAway Q&A: PointsPinnacle

    PointsAway Q&A: PointsPinnacle

    Online since last November, PointsPinnacle is a great miles and points blog by author Troy C. Troy was born and raised in Milwaukee, where he still lives today. Happily married with a teenage son, he’s used his miles and points to see places around the world that would have been out of reach otherwise. I’m […]

  • PointsAway Q&A PointsAway Interviewed By Million Mile Secrets 2

    PointsAway Interviewed By Million Mile Secrets

    We recently sat down with the folks from Million Mile Secrets for an interview that was posted this morning. Inside, we share what motivated us to start PointsAway, discussed some of our favorite tools for earning points and much more! Be sure to check it out, and thanks so much to Daraius for the opportunity […]

  • PointsAway Q&A PointsAway Q&A: Jeffsetter

    PointsAway Q&A: Jeffsetter

    Online since 2012, Jeffsetter is a great miles and points blog by author Jeff Sauer. Jeff is an Internet entrepreneur and owner of a successful 50 person Digital Marketing agency in St. Paul, Minn. Jeff writes often about Digital Marketing at his Jeffalytics Blog and he writes about Travel as Jeffsetter at Free World Traveler. […]

  • PointsAway Q&A PointsAway Q&A: Justin, WeFlyFree.com

    PointsAway Q&A: Justin, WeFlyFree.com

    Online since 2013, WeFlyFree is a great miles and points blog by author Justin. Justin travels in style, often taking advantage of first class offerings on some of the world’s finest airlines while paying nearly nothing for the privilege. Just back from a first class jaunt on Lufthansa to Croatia that included a stopover in […]

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