• Athens Hopping Around Europe On Dirt Cheap Cash Fares

    Hopping Around Europe On Dirt Cheap Cash Fares

    Trip Information Reader Emily recently asked me for advice on how to pull off a trip that hops all the way from one end of Europe to the other this Summer. On her trip, she wants to see Istanbul, Athens, Rome, Barcelona, Paris, London, Edinburgh and Dublin. In the past, readers have mostly expressed interest […]

  • Alaska Far, Far Away On A Shoestring 1

    Far, Far Away On A Shoestring

    Trip Information PointsAway reader Darrell gave us an interesting challenge. Sending us the lyrics to 1970s band Slade’s song “Far, Far Away”, Darrell wanted to see if we could cook up a plan to travel to all of the locations mentioned in the song. According to the lyrics found here, we need a plan taking […]

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