• American Airlines A Honeymoon In Brussels

    A Honeymoon In Brussels

    Image courtesy: Wolfgang Staudt  Trip Information Marc loves Belgium. Brussels, Brugges, Ghent: he visited all of these places and more on a tour years ago. Now, he’d like to take his wife there for their honeymoon, which has been put on hold until now. Though they were married in April, money was tight after the […]

  • Aer Lingus Hacking A Fare To Belgium Without Miles

    Hacking A Fare To Belgium Without Miles

    Image courtesy: Neil Thompson  Trip Information Reader Kristina would like to travel from Jacksonville to Brussels this Summer in early July. She’s looking to indulge a bad case of wanderlust while visiting some old friends along the way. Kristina is new to miles and points programs, so we don’t have anything to work with here […]

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